Our student ambassadors are a key part of HEAT’s mission. These student leaders take ownership of their power to change the future.

* HEAT Ambassadors consult on the branding, posts, and activities of HEAT.

* They provide content, feedback, and suggestions.

* HEAT Ambassadors stay engaged by: 

1) submitting questions for our ASK HEAT forum

2) organizing Snapchat school takeovers

3) recruiting other student ambassadors

4) sharing our posts

5) spreading the message of HEAT, etc.

* HEAT is represented in high schools across the nation.

* Student Ambassadors earn Karma Points each time they contribute and participate in HEAT’s mission.

* Top Karma Point holders earn perks such as Reds Tickets, FC Cincinnati Tickets, Cash!, Gift Certificates to Popular Restaurants and Entertainment Establishments, etc.  Want to become a HEAT Ambassador?